Friday 9 October 2020

Project Fino Update: Idle Loop


Another update to Project Fino. 

I decided to continue using the Fino model I've made and work on creating animations, but quickly ran into some problems with my 3DS Max License since I'm not in university anymore. It doesn't look like there is anything I can do about it, and I rendered the little I did in the time I had left. An Idle animation that I haven't had a chance to look over.

Without 3DS Max I'm not going to be able to continue Project Fino for now, and it's going to be very hard to work on anything else since 3DS Max is my most proficient software. This is a chance for me to try out and learn other software though, and the first that comes to mind is Blender considering it is free and open-source. It would let me make my own assets while keeping ownership of them or using them commercially. 

For now though, with the world and how the Corona Virus has affected it, it's hard to bring myself to work properly. The last few updates for Project Fino took me a long time to work on, and my own work ethic has slowed down a lot. I'm hoping that things get better and the world can start moving again soon.

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