Monday 1 February 2021

Freelancing with Keyframe Studios and the release of Dead Pixels Season 2

For the last few months I've been working with Keyframe Studios again, but this time in a freelance role, and instead of the second season of Dead Pixels I worked on animation for the 5 minute version of The Adventures of Zeze Zebra, a CGI show aimed at young children. 

My role here ended recently though, and I'm back to searching for jobs. This time though, I want to spend more time wokring on my own project. I've been working on my Fino model whenever I've been searching for jobs, but this time I want to work on something that is less of a hobby or portfolio piece, but more of a serious project. I want to make a game.

I've mentioned wanting to work on a new project in previous posts, and I think that is what I'll do. I will still be applying to jobs and trying to find places to work, that will be my focus, but any spare time I have I want to spend on something new. I don't want to give any details for now, in case this all comes to nothing, but once I have something to show I intend to leave updates here similar to Project Fino.

As a final note, the second season of Dead Pixels released recently, on January 26th on E4 and on Channel 4's VOD service. I watched the first episode, and it's strange seeing the things I worked on appear on a tv show. I knew most of the details of the show from when I worked on it, and got to watch most of the episodes before they aired, so I admit I don't feel as excited as I thought I would be on something I worked on, but seeing it there in front of me did make feel proud.

I hope to put some Dead Pixels content on my website soon once some more time has passed for people to watch it, but for now both seasons of Dead Pixels can be seen on Channel 4's website, as well as Avatards, which some people may not know but it was the original concept for Dead Pixels.


Dead Pixels:


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