Monday 6 April 2020

An end to my job at Keyframe Studios

My job as Junior Rigging Artist and 3D Animator at Keyframe Studios ended at the end of March, and I've been relaxing at home the past few days.
The second season of Dead Pixels is expected to be released soon, with some potential of a third season later. Unfortunately I can't show any of the work I've worked on until it's released, so it's going to be a challenge trying to apply for jobs, even more so with the Corona Virus right now. For now I can list links to Dead Pixels for people to look at or watch, though the animation between the two seasons are noticeably different.

Channel 4 Website:
IMDb Website:

There were some talks about a third season of Dead Pixels, and that I might be asked to work on rigging and animation again, but for now I will be searching for and applying to jobs, this time with some experience in hand.

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