Wednesday 11 March 2020

A small update: 3D Animator

Another update on me and my job.
My role as Junior Rigging Artist for Keyframe Studios was originally supposed to end at the end of January, but when I applied for the job I also expressed an interest in a 3D Animator job they were also advertising. I didn't get the 3D Animator job, but near the end of my Junior Rigging Artist contract I was given some animation work as well as some scene composition work. After showing what I could do, they offered me an extended contract as a 3D Animator which I accepted.

I'm at a similar position as my last post where my contract will be ending soon, and it looks unlikely that I will have my contract extended again, but this job has already been so much more than I thought it would be. I hope to be able to show what I worked on in my CV and on this website soon.
I will be looking for a new job again soon, but this time with experience in the industry. I hadn't thought about it until writing this post, but I really can call myself a real 3D Animator now, not just a title on a CV or resume anymore.

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