Monday 12 September 2016

3D Modelling Project: Samuel's Desk

A Diorama showing off the Models I created in Year 1 at Staffordshire University. The Diorama consists of 5 main Models, the Monitor, Phone, Keyboard, Mouse and Oppai Mousepad. The Wires and Desk are there, but are more for showing the Diorama off.

The original Assessment was to create a Diorama of minimum 5 Models based off of a choice of concept images, with mine being of a Computer Desk and various objects on it.

It's been a while since I updated this Blog, so I don't have all the details of this project, but wanted to show in nonetheless. There are a lot of textures in this Diorama, but they're all deposited here:
on my Deviant Art Scraps page, where I uploaded them for Uni. They're scattered around along with other projects, both personal and Uni based.

Turntable of the Diorama:

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