Monday 12 September 2016

3D Modelling Project: Schlafen Celeste

A Model of the Schlafen Celeste, specifically the first half of the Teleporter Rooms.
This was made in the first half of Year 1 at Staffordshire University, before the Desk project posted before this. The textures are made to follow the original design of the Schlafen Celeste, though not of the Project X Zone version, the Endless Frontier version where the Schlafen Celeste first appears. A 3D Model does exist on the 3DS game Project X Zone, but the dimensions are different to the DS game Endless Frontier.

The exact information on this project in terms of what we were allowed to create are a bit hazy due to being almost a year from when this is posted, but the main idea was to create a 3D Model of a stage from a game. Images of this Model's creation and reference images can be found here:

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